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Health Tips and Tricks

We have one of the world’s most unique and advanced treatment for thinning hair.
We combine low level laser, targeted supplements known to help with hair loss (eg. Nettle tea, biotin and resveratrol), diet, acupuncture and mesotherapy. (mesotherapy is a sophisticated European treatment that involves putting special remedies INTO the skin.
This treatment will stop most hair loss and can even restore some of what has been lost.

Hair loss is thought to be tied to genetics and a breakdown product of testosterone know as DHT or di-hydro testosterone. Both nettle tea and resveratrol help keep testosterone in its active form. One great side effect of this for men is that free testosterone helps with mental clarity, building muscle, reducing fat and improving libido. 
The other parts of the therapy nourish the hair follicle and improve circulation.  Where there is insufficient blood flow, there is hair loss.


This is not really a disease at all but an inflammation of the tibial tubercle (the bump just below the front of the knee). It typically happens in young teens who are athletic or involved in sports.  
Treatment used to be rest and anti-inflammatory drugs. This can be very disappointing for the young athlete.  
Happily this is one of the few conditions where we can say that 100% of those treated get better quickly.
Simply take full spectrum vitamine E and selenium daily. The dose is one tri-enol or toco-3-nol (this is complete vitamin E) daily with 200 micrograms of selenium. Typically this would be one full capsule of vitamin E.  
Unfortunately nothing but alpha-tocopherols can be listed as so many iu. VitaminE is a number of different tocopherols just like the B vitamins are all different. It is best to take the complete vitamin E. Normally within 2 to 3 weeks the pain is gone. Occasionally it takes longer but it always works.


There are a number of successful natural treatments for erectile dysfunction that are very effective. One needs to examine lifestyle, blood sugar regulation, stress levels, hormone levels, partner issues, confidence issues and energetic flow (Chinese medicine). In a man with normal free testosterone (the male hormone) and blood flow a few simple supplements work wonders. The key is to increase 
something in the body called NO or nitrous oxide. It is the molecule that changes the blood flow in thepenis that gives a man his erection. This can be accomplished with a number of different things depending on the person. One may simply need pycnogenol and l-arginine. Everyone is different and generally can be helped.


Arthritis is one of those catch all terms that covers a host of conditions. It can range from severe rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, psoriatic arthritis etc. Our main focus is on osteo and rheumatoid arthritis. Typically there will be one or more painful swollen joints that start to stiffen up. It may come and go or last for years. It sometimes leaves one joint and then attacks another. We have a comprehensive approach to arthritis. We may change your diet, use cold laser (LILT), magnetic fieldtherapy, acupuncture and targeted supplements. Within a month or two the joints start to loosen, the pain begins to diminish and function begins to return. If the joints are totally destroyed they may have to be replaced. Arthritis can be successfully managed.

Migraine Headache.

Migraines are probably one of the worst non-lethal conditions a person can suffer from. They can range from simple visual disturbances in ocular migraine to days of debilitating pain, light and sound sensitivity, nausea, vomiting and generally wanting to crawl into a hole and make it all go away.
They can be triggered hormonally, with foods, the weather, stress, lack of sleep or just because. We have found great success treating migraine when we take all factors into account. We check the neck for any nerve insult to the head, we check the skull for any old injuries or strain patterns. 
We review the diet, review or test for food allergy, and then check via Traditional Chinese Medicine methods the bodies energy patterns and circulation. Once the body is balanced migraines are either eliminated or greatly reduced.